About us

Africa Report strives to promote sustainable SME development across the African continent. Economic development alleviates poverty and stabilises a country. Weekly TV programmes broadcast all over Africa, showcasing good practice and successful entrepreneurs, help to inspire and inform the African public about starting and growing sustainable businesses.

Showing a wide African audience how other Africans have turned opportunities into successes. Showing how applying emerging concepts of corporate social responsibility creates new opportunities for small enterprises. Exposure to successful entrepreneurs and businesses is a key instrument in triggering entrepreneurial people.

Goals of the project include:

  • Informing the public on entrepreneurship
  • Showcasing business opportunities to potential entrepreneurs thereby inspiring them follow suit
  • Supplying information that assists African entrepreneurs to take the next step in developing their business
  • Stimulating broadcasters to air programmes that address SME development
  • Securing www.africareport.com as a leading portal for African SME development