Creative metalworks for disabled

Father and son design and weld metal structures for their company, MAK-D Metalworks, in Accra.

Meet Michael Amewornu and his son Benjamin. For these two creative Ghanaians, entrepreneurship runs in the family. As a father and son team, Michael and Benjamin design and weld metal structures for their company, MAK-D Metalworks, in Accra.

Michael Amewornu is an inspired entrepreneur who pours his love, imagination and resourcefulness into his work. He is the proud owner of MAK-D, a Metalworks company he started over 20 years ago. Over the past two decades Michael has designed and repaired a range of metal products from gates and stoves, to ovens. But this innovative entrepreneur’s true passion is the production of speciality tricycles.


Positioned in display lines in front of the MAK-D workshop, Michael showcases his unique three wheeled carts. These tricycles, resembling wheelchairs in the shape of a bicycle, are especially manufactured and designed to be driven by disabled people. Michael, with a humanitarian heart and an inventor’s ingenuity has developed several different prototypes to uplift disabled people in his local community. Disabled drivers are able to sell produce from a specially installed cart which sits in the front, and some of them are even designed with a canopy.

[pull_quote_center]We have to help society.
– Michael Amewornu[/pull_quote_center]

To help his dad succeed in business, and continue with his tricycle project, Benjamin joined MAK-D just after he graduated from university. Like his father, Benjamin shares a passion for industrial design and grew up with an eager interest to assist him in his workshop. Benjamin decided to complete a degree in Engineering so that he could work alongside his father, and improve business efficiency through his education.


Benjamin recently introduced using a computer in the company to generate technical drawings. With the help of technology, MAK-D is able to produce equipment that is precisely cut to scale.For the future, Michael intends to continue improving on his structural designs. He hopes to one day add a motor to the tricycles to make them more user-friendly for his clientele. With innovative ideas, a passion for his trade and a genuine care for his community, Michael Amewornu is a true entrepreneur.