Innovation sets printing business apart

Approaching business with a constant commitment to innovation, this entrepreneur is an innovative leader in the industry.

If there were one word to define the key business strategy of Godwin Mate, owner of Glade Digital Printing, ‘innovate’ would be it. What sets this Ghanaian entrepreneur apart is his consistent drive to stay ahead. Keeping his ideas fresh and his enthusiasm high, Mate intends to be a leading industry player.

New service

Situated in the capital city of Ghana, Glade Digital Printing offers a printing service that has never been locally available in the country. Soaring to the forefront of the marketplace, this is part of Mate’s pioneering approach towards competitive business.


In a landmark manoeuvre, the company recently invested in a new advanced digital printing machine in order to provide products that have previously always been imported. Although this was a costly venture, Mate views it as an important investment, forging new ground for his enterprise and the industry on a local level.

New technology

Holding a first degree in print and technology, Mate understands how printing machines work and the basic operational procedure. He feels that knowledge of your business is essential as it enables you to lead your employees in the right direction, offer advice and recommend alternatives when things go wrong. This builds you into a better entrepreneur.


Although Glade Digital Printing is now a growing business, Mate has learnt many valuable business lessons from his past mistakes. A few years ago, Mate had to leave the company in the hands of caretakers while he tended to family matters. In Mate’s absence, business slowed dramatically and he came to learn the importance of always being 100% involved in his dream for the enterprise.

I just want the people to feel a part of it, it’s not just me, me, me, no, it’s a company and we are all doing it together.” – Godwin Mate, Glade Digital Printing.

He realised that for Glade Digital Printing to succeed, he would need to give it his all. On top of this, he discovered the necessity of building a strong team to share his vision and join him in attaining his goals. Mate explains that an acronym for team can be ‘Together Each Achieves More.’ This lesson, he is sure, is the key to succeeding in whatever you set out to do.