Nigerian Breweries Practice CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is a business ethic for Nigerian Breweries. Working with local communities, they hope to set the standard for proactive business practice.
In recent years corporate social responsibility has become a major influence in business ethics. Corporate social responsibility, sometimes referred to as responsible business, focuses on integrating societal concerns with business practice.

Beyond doors

For Nigerian Breweries, CSR is having a vision “beyond the doors of your own company”; it is about understanding the direct positive impact an enterprise can have on its local environment. Managing director, Michiel Herkemij, believes any venture can make a contribution through CSR. He explains that CSR is an attitude to business that all enterprises can assume, no matter what size. This is because there are so many avenues through which to be involved. As a very large company however, Nigerian Breweries feels that it is important to set the example.

Role in society

Operating in Nigeria for 63 years, Nigerian Breweries has established a long standing presence in the country. By adopting CSR as a business approach, this type of invested business interest is encouraged to take on a much greater role in society. This includes giving back to the community in which the company is based.


For Nigerian Breweries, there are a number of different projects the company has embraced. These promote both social and economic development. Two such initiatives include the building of a community centre and the issuing of motorcycle helmets. These programmes are distinguished by their emphasis on responding to the needs of the surrounding community. But implementing a dynamic CSR strategy not only focuses on providing services.

Fish pond

Concentrating on empowerment projects as well, Nigerian Breweries also assists in business development programmes. The Breweries’ community fish pond project, inspired by the local fishing sector, is a good example of this. It aims to provide the community with a means to support itself economically. Although still at an early stage, the initiative involves the exchange of valuable entrepreneurial skills.

Industry leader

As a leader in the industry, Nigerian Breweries believes that by taking on CSR, it can affect positive change in the lives of local people. And according to their managing director, this is only the beginning. Setting the standard, Nigerian Breweries intends to inspire other companies, stimulating further growth on the African continent.