Plastic potential in Rwanda

Rwanda is open to new possibilities, and unique opportunities – especially for local entrepreneurs. Meet Bernard Matabaro who built his business from scratch.

After years of working as an employee, Bernard Matabaro decided to become his own boss. His dream was to make independent decisions as a self employed businessman. So, moving out of his comfort zone to take up the challenge, he took his first bold steps towards building a business.

Finding the gap

He began by looking for industries where he could supply a service or product that wasn’t readily available – yet met with a demand. He found his answer in the business potential of plastic. At the time of starting his business, very few companies produced plastic products in Rwanda  and he was able to break into the industry. Finding the gap in the market, Bernard seized the opportunity and set to work.

Today, with the help of a group of investors, Bernard Matabaro is the managing director of his own plastics company that is serious about doing business in Rwanda. Walking among his employees in the factory, he is proud to have established something of his own. His company manufactures chairs, crates, and a variety of PVC products.

In motion

As an entrepreneur, Bernard is constantly in motion – thinking of new ways to approach business and innovate in the company. For the future, he hopes to broaden his range of plastic products to plastic containers and water tanks. In order to do this, however, he needs to obtain further investment and gain more clients. While this may seem like a challenging hurdle to clear, Bernard feels that it all comes with the territory. For Bernard, making a successful business requires hard work and dedication.

Having anchored opportunity in Rwanda, Bernard Matabaro feels it’s important to keep looking out for new possibilities. He believes that creating products with export potential may be the next wise step for entrepreneurial Rwandans.