Self made success in Tanzanian flower business

Meet Dina Bina from Tanzania. She started out as a street vendor selling flowers. Today she owns and manages her own profitable florist shop. She is a self made success.

Dina Bina started her florist business in Tanzania in 1996 with five bunches of flowers and an unlimited supply of determination. Born from a family of clergyman she ventured into business with faith and courage.

Street vendors

Blessed with an aptitude for enterprise and an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit she planted opportunity in the hands of local street vendors by supplying them with bunches of blossoms, which line city avenues with colour.

Today her bouquets of flowers line the aisles of weddings, the hallways of hotels, the passages of offices, the pathways of Parliament, the gateways of stadiums, the tunnels of trade shows and the thoroughfares of airports.

Humble beginnings

Flourishing from humble beginnings with limited capital Dina identifies the value of working in synergy with roadside traders; qualifying them simultaneously as esteemed customers and suppliers rather than competitors. Her mission is to be profitable as well as ensure that everyone profits through her projects.


Still rooted in its original location, Dina’s retail outlet has cultivated its turnover triumphantly. She attributes her commercial success to her detailed investment in customer care focusing on the needs of each individual client. This personal approach has led to loyal long-term support of the florist services offered by Dina Flower Co. Ltd and to profitable success.


Dina’s advice to fellow company owners is to network in circles that expose their business contribution and broaden their vision. Dina regards marketing as a vital strategy and steady business growth as a goal. Her dream is to elevate fellow citizens through education of the English language as a tool to maximise international ventures.


Dina believes that the difficulties encountered in business are more often a result of  lack of self-confidence than the other way around. It is with this confidence that Dina Bina capitalises on her skills as a mother, wife, florist, landscaper, entrepreneur and  profitable business owner.