5 tips to turn your employees into brand ambassadors

1. Nurture talents

Before you appoint brand ambassadors, people who will be carrying your brand, your products or services around and praise the company’s name, you need to nurture talents and pinpoint who is really passionate about what he/she is doing. Without passion, the message they’ll share might come out as a fake one; your ambassadors need to believe in the company as much as you do.

2. Encourage blog ambassadors

Not everyone has a way with words, but you may find that some of your employees have a great prose and can eventually write effective marketing material or grow the brand identity via forums and blogs. A blog attached to your company’s website can be a fun, lighter and quicker way of interacting with your clients, suppliers and anyone interested in your business.

3. Appoint social media ambassadors

Social media marketing is a necessity for any business, but it does take up time that you might not have. Appointing a few employees to take care of daily posts and sourcing informative material will assist in your company’s online branding.

4. Host events and sponsor charities

Any company, no matter how big or small, can initiate sponsorship programmes or put together an event. Pinpoint who in your team, have the drive and can be proactive enough to initiate events, raise funds when relevant or even incorporate your own charity fundraiser into the company’s services or products – for example, you could choose to donate 10% of profits for every x product sold to a given charity or host a networking event where all proceeds go to a charity.

5. Use your fleet for mobile branding

If your employees are proud of where they work, they probably won’t mind branding their vehicles with the company logo or wearing well designed t-shirt/jackets that have the company’s brand on it. This can often be the simplest and most effortless way to get your brand out there.

A company that is well known for its employee brand ambassadors is Patagonia, an environmentally conscious outdoor clothing and equipment company. Their employees are known for their commitment to the brand and their involvement in creating awareness about eco-friendly living.

Likewise, Richard Branson’s business empire, Virgin, which needs little introduction, successfully created global working hubs that are pools of brand ambassadors. The strong logo, the colour red, the effective slogans and teams dressed up in Virgin’s branded outfits are all contributing to the growing success and presence of the company worldwide.

What Patagonia and Virgin have in common is the fact that they are both businesses that people are proud to work for. If you can create that, then creating brand ambassadors within your company will be effortless and rewarding.