Be remembered: what a strong slogan can do to your business.

Not every business needs to have a slogan, but if you have decided to come up with a phrase that sums up your business and what it stands for, then here are a ten crucial points to consider.

1. Use humour

Virgin Atlantic, more experienced than the name suggests (Virgin Atlantic)
Using humour in your slogan is one the most effective ways to get people to remember your brand.

2. Be encouraging

Just do it (Nike)
Creating a slogan that calls people to action, that inspires them to take that first step, is a slogan that very few will forget.

3. Be positive: feel good message

Because you’re worth it (L’OREAL)
There is something powerful in a positive message that enables people to feel good about themselves; it is an effective marketing tool and could greatly benefit your popularity as a brand.

4. Create a timeless slogan

Snap! Crackle! Pop! (Rice Crispies)
This is one of the most striking types of slogan; behind a slogan that can stand the test of time, is a brand that has secured its success.

5. Create a jingle

I’m lovin’ it (MacDonald’s)
Very few people can say this slogan without hearing the song in their heads. Using music to emphasize a catchphrase is a great way to get people to remember your brand.

6. Use expert opinion

Number 1 recommended by dentists (Colgate Total)
Showing your customers that your product or service is backed up by experts, celebrities, or other professionals gives your brand a certain air of trustworthiness.

7. Create intrigue

Sheer Driving Pleasure (BMW)
Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that offers exactly that? Use your slogan to create a sense of intrigue or excitement and you will soon be fighting off the customers.

8. Inspire

The Power to be Your Best (Apple)
A slogan that appeals to a person’s emotions, and makes them stop and think about it, is a slogan that will attract attention, interest, curiosity; the first steps to getting more customers.

9. Make it catchy

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline (Maybelline)
Remember, there is a fine line between your slogan being catchy and it being annoying – don’t let it be the latter.

10. Create a visual image

Let your fingers do the walking (Yellow Pages)
Your slogan is more likely to be remembered if you can attach a mental image to it; a metaphor that softens a brand or a product and makes it accessible.
What is the purpose of having a slogan? The purpose of a slogan is to increase the chances of your brand being remembered over a period of time – if people hear your slogan (or even something resembling it), they should immediately think of your company; ultimately, they will also think of your products or services and here lies a greater chance for you to grow your clientele.