Communication strategy: the necessity of a good PR plan.

The purpose of a ‘Public Relations plan’ is to create a marketing strategy that will assist a company in getting exposure and increasing its customer/client base. A ‘PR plan’, much like a business plan, will outline the different steps to grown your database, from where the business stands now to where it wishes to go.
Why is it so necessary? Because it:

Reminds the public of your company’s brand and product/service message
Underlines your goals: a) get coverage on media platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television by providing them with regular press releases, pamphlets, informative documents/ b) get new clients/customers and increase sales
Controls what is said and shared about your company, products or services
How can one build a strong ‘PR Plan?’

1. Mission of the plan

You will need to sit down with your employees and decide what you want your PR plan to achieve. Once this has been established, decide what communication platforms you will use. Examples of platforms include:
a) Press releases/magazine and newspaper articles
b) Interviews and press conferences
c) Hosting or sponsoring public events

2. Target market

It goes without saying that in order to create an effective PR plan, you will need to know who you are trying reach – reaching the right market group will increase your chances of increasing awareness of your brand.

3. Synchronization

Share your ‘PR Plan’ with your sales team, your production team and any other areas of your business; the more employees you keep informed, the better the chances for the business as a whole to work together and achieve the goal initially planned.

4. Budget forecast

Make sure that you have a realistic budget set aside to carry out your PR plan, and stick to it; this can always be reassessed down the line if necessary.

5. Review & way forward

Once your ‘PR plan’ has been initiated, review the results after a few months and see what worked and what didn’t bring; learning from these reviews and moving forward is essential to making a ‘PR plan’ work.